The Flexi hair clip comes in six sizes to accommodate different hair types and styles. You might use a small for a Ponytail, but a large for a French Twist.
What Size Do I Have?
Your Flexi clip has a tiny marking on the tip of the sliding pin of either blank, XS, S, M, L, XL denoting Mini, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. Early clips didn't have a size marking, but you can measure the sliding pin's length.
What Size Should I Get?
Review the sizing chart and video below. Try not to over estimate the amount of hair being clipped, and take into consideration the hair style you desire. Finally, watch the videos under the Hair Styles tab to see what else you can do!
Ponytail Circumference
Pin Marking
Pin Length
very small
2 inch
Our smallest clip, recommended for baby fine hair or pulling back just a little bit of hair. If your ponytail is an extra small, you will use the mini for a 'Half-up'.
Extra Small
23/4" / 70mm
2 3/4 inch
The extra small was designed for those with very fine hair who want to do styles like the Ponytail and Tails-up. Also works for most women's Half-ups.
31/8" / 80mm
31/4 inch
Smalls are the most common size for a Ponytail with fine hair. Those who have thick hair and use a medium or large for a Ponytail will use the small for a Half-up.
4" / 101mm
33/4 inch
The medium is best for those with thick hair and want to do a Ponytail or a Tails Up. If your Ponytail is a small, the medium is great for a French Twist or Up & Down.
43/4" / 120mm
41/4 inch
If you've very thick hair (wavy, curly, or straight, but very thick) you can use the large for a Ponytail or Tails Up. If you use a medium for your ponytail, then you can use a large your French Twist. You will want to use the extra large for very long thick hair.
Extra Large
43/4"+ / 120mm+
51/4 inch
Our extra large was designed for the Up Dos. When you watch the video of the Extra Long hair style you can see how this is used. Those with very thick hair (large ponytail size) can also use the extra large for the Up & Down or French Twist styles. Extremely rare will someone use the extra large for a ponytail. Those who use the mini, extra small, and small sizes will never need an extra large.
the Half Twist
The half twist is done by taking a portion of the hair, twisting up, then folding down, and giving a twist to the top of the fold.

This model is wearing an extra small for the Half Twist. She has very fine hair and would normally wear the extra small for a Ponytail. A mini is worn for a Half Up, a small for the Up & Down and the Drop Bun, and a medium for a French Twist (because of length of hair).

the Ponytail
The most common style is the Ponytail. So simple to gather the hair and clasp the beautiful Flexi Clip around all strands. There is no pulling through a rubber band several times.

The size shown in the picture is a medium, just right for thick hair. This model would require a small for a Half Up and a large for the Up & Down. Because of the length of her hair, we would suggest the extra large for a French Twist.

the Half Up
This style is easily performed by using your thumbs to gather the top portion of your hair. Once you have the desired amount of hair together, simply slide the pin underneath the hair and fold the beaded portion over the top and clasp.

Our model is displaying a medium size Flexi Clip with fancy dangles. She has thick hair and alot of hair is pulled back. When you do a Half Up, you have the option to pull as much (or as little) back as you like. You can even adjust the amount pulled back to give you that perfect fit with your Flexi Clip.

the French Twist
the Up Down
the Tails Up
the Drop Bun
the Extra Long